PC to ARDUINO communication

Hello everyone,
I am a newbie with ARDUINO and I'm starting a project with this device so I need a little help in it plz.
In fact, I wired the arduino with a RFID reader(UART RX/TX) and I am wondering how to let communicate the arduino with the PC if i have already user the serial port(RX/TX)
Thank's in advance


Yes but I already used the RX/TX pins to wire the arduino with the RFID reader!!


so there is other serial pins in arduino that let me use UART?

so there is other serial pins in arduino that let me use UART?

Arduino MEGA2560 has 4 UARTs but that is beside the point.

You don't have to use a UART to work serial. SoftwareSerial uses non-UART pins to do what UART pins do.
If you look it up as advised twice already, you will see the explanation. It is in the Arduino site under Libraries.

While you're at it, you would benefit from surfing the site and bookmarking the many major useful pages.

Leave RX and TX for the USB connection even if the project is stand-alone. That way you can use debug prints during the development process, they are enormously helpful.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Really, you looked it up and don't have questions or will you go straight to the MEGA?

Because there are a few other alternatives but IMO none quicker and cheaper than soft serial if you have a single UART Arduino. You should be able to get at least 57600 baud that way.

No one is trying to be cruel by sending you to the library page, just save a TON of typing and questions and hopefully teach you where to find the water faucets/fountains so you can fill your own cup, which will save you a lot of time yourself just in not having to ask and then wait for answers that might seem snarky, like "go fill your own cup!".

It's not tough love to want you to be able to stand on your own and get your "Arduino legs", is it? We want you and the rest to become able, not reliant, even as the door is kept open to questions. In this way you will be able to ask better, more informed and specific questions as you advance in knowing and skills. We hope you will be here years from now as an increasingly valuable forum/community member and maybe see you at The Bar some time.