PC to Arduino to third device

Hello there

I'm totally new in the Arduino 101 universe. Actually I haven't even bought one yet because I don't know if it is the right choice for me.

My problem is that, I want to communicate to the Arduino 101 via bluetooth from my computer. My computer does support BLE as far as I know. The Arduino 101, depending on the message from the computer, should be able to transmit data to a third device via seriel communication. When all this is done the third device should respond the arduino and at last the Arduino 101 should transmit the respond back to the computer via bluetooth.

Do anyone know if this is possible?

Greetings Nelly

you could use a HC-06 module for PC to Arduino bluetooth communication

and a another serial port to communicate to your third device (you may need to have an RS232 adapter)

I would suggest using an Arduino Mega as It has sufficent serial ports to meet your requirement

First of all thank you for your reply!

Why is a HC-06 module necassary, isn't an Arduino 101 capable of making a bluetooth connection between PC and Arduino 101?

And by using pin 0 (RX) and 1(TX) in the Arduino 101 board for seriel communication, it should be possible to communicate with a third device, should it not?

Or am I wrong? - As a wrote in my first post this is a new field for me. I just think this would be logical.

Why is a HC-06 module necassary, isn't an Arduino 101 capable of making a bluetooth connection between PC and Arduino 101?

Forum regulars are not all that familiar with the 101 - it has a special section of the Forum for itself.

I don't own a 101 and from a quick look at the specs it does seem to have on-board BLE and a spare Hardware Serial port (Serial1) on pins 0 and 1, However I can't immediately see if the BLE also uses pins 0 and 1.

The suggestion to use a HCO5 (which is NOT BLE, by the way) was in conjunction with an Arduino Mega.


never come across the Arduino 101 interesting that it support BLE

I have been using a Cypress PSoC 4 Bluetooth® Low Energy kit for experiments and had just aquired a HM-10 BLE module for the Arduino
Note that you may find your PC does not support BLE and you may require a dongle such as Bluegiga Bluetooth Module BLED112
looking at the pinout of the Arduino 101 RX1 and TX1 are available as Serial1

Okay, maybe it would be a good idea to use a Arduino Mega to do the job. Haven't thought about connecting a device that could handle the wireless bluetooth connection.

So if I use a Arduino Mega with a bluetooth device connected, instead of the Arduino 101, it would be possible to make a system as I described in my main post? And then i'm not limited to one serial port if I want to expand my system which is great!

I would think both the Arduino 101 and an Arduino mega + HC-06 would support your project
the mega may well be a cheaper alternative
The Mega has three spare serial ports - I used RX1 and Tx1 for the HC-06 and it communicates OK using standard Bluetooth with my laptop (which requires a dongle for BLE)

remember if the serial device you are connecting too is RS232 (-12V to +12volt) you will require an adapter, e.g.

How fast is the communication with the 3rd device?

A Mega will be OK. One hardware serial port for the bluetooth, one for the 3rd device and two to spare (e.g. the usb one for debugging).

You can also use a Leonardo or or Micro (32U4 based). That will require one software serial port and uses the hardware serial port; you can still use the usb for debugging. As software serial is not suitable for high communication speeds, I asked the question in the beginning.

And when using a 328 based board (e.g. Uno) you will loose the debugging capabilities. Bit you can still use the hardware serial and the software serial.

Okay, actually the serial device is RS485, but dfrobot makes adapters for that too. Thank you for mention it!

The communication rate to the 3rd device is 250 kbit/s is that possible? The third device is a LED driver that supports DMX/RDM.

250 kBit per second will not be possible with software serial; you will need to allocate a hardware serial port for that.

With an Uno, you will loose the debug capabillities because it will use the same hardware serial port; you will also have to disconnect the RS485 driver when you want to upload the code. The HC06 can be used with software serial.

With the Leonardo, you can use the hardware serial port for the 3rd device, software serial for the HC-06 and the USB port for debugging.

And the Mega will not give any problems.

You can also consider a non-Arduino like a Teensy 3.x; I have no experience with them.

Okay, thank you sterretje!

I think I will go with the Arduino Mega and buy an external module to take care of the Bluetooth.
Do you have any BLE shield that you could recommend?