PC to PC connection through Arduino

Hello to everyone, I have to interact with a PC (say PC2) like a mouse and a keyboard and I have to send both mouse events (move, button pressed, and so on) and keyboard codes. But, for several reasons, the source is another PC (say PC1). The high level diagram is: PC1--->Arduino board--->PC2. Is there a way to do it with Arduino? The connection between PC1 and Arduino board could be done by serial communication like RS232 (but USB is better) with a voltage translation circuit or with an Arduino USB2Serial board. Connection between Arduino board and PC1 must be done through USB (Arduino acts as HID device). I've found several projects about using Arduino as HID device, but nothing about using Arduino with Serial (TX and RX pin) and USB communication at the same time. If it is possible, which Arduino board I have to buy. Thanks you in advance for your help.

Use USB hardware serial to talk to PC1 and a software serial port (with external level shifters) to pass on to PC2 if using a UNO. Other boards have multiple hardware serial.

I would think the Due could do that as it has two USB ports. One is used for programming and comms to a PC (PC1) and the other could be connected to PC2 as an HID.

I don't know much about USB I admit but AFAIK that would work.


Thanks you for you replies. I've found another solution, may be more efficient: I would try to connect PC1 to Arduino by using an ethernet connection and send commands form PC1 through the WEB in order to control the PC2 connected to Arduino through USB. I could use Arduino Ethernet Shield and Arduino Leonardo together to do it, couldn't I? Is available some project or sample on how to receive commands through LAN/WAN and send (after Arduino's elaboration) to USB? Thanks in advance

Why not just connect the 2 PCs with ethernet or wifi and skip the Arduino?


Hi, because the PC2 is an "armored" PC, that is I can't install everything and I must control mouse and keyboard from remote (like KVM without video signal). Furthermore on PC2 there isn't a Ethernet card and I can't install it.

Surely if you have permission to hack into the PC with an Arduino you can "de-armour" it?