PC to Xbox bytestreamer thingy.

Ultimately, I'm trying to build my own Steel Battalion controller (look it up!) but baby steps. Baby steps.

Right now, I've run into a snag. My first goal is to write a program that emulates the Steel Battalion controller (I have the info I need for this!), and send the bytestream via usb to the Xbox controller port. Doesn't work, obviously, because you can't use a usb host as a device. So I thought that my next step should be to set up some circuitry to serve as the interim. The way it would work (I hope) would be that when I plugged a usb cable into it from my PC, the PC could see it and I could then stream data to it. The circuitry should also act as a device for the Xbox, and stream the data it gets from the PC straight to it's controller port.

Is this feasible? If it is...what am I going to need, and can someone push me in the right direction? Thanks!

P.S: This is for the original Xbox. The one with the stupid "proprietary but really not" USB ports.

sounds like Vusb would lead you in the right direction. http://www.obdev.at/products/vusb/index.html. using their code with the right hardware, or switching to a teensyduino might get you something working. i havent played with it too much but it seems there is alot of documentation for making custom usb device identifiers

Magnificent. I’ll check back with you guys in about a month or so and let you know how things went!

Sorry for the double post, but the guys over at the vusb forums aren't too speedy in their responses. I've been waiting all day!

I know exactly what data I want to send. I want to send 25 bytes of data (I'll have a program that changes these bytes around, just like the controller itself would). Does this help in figuring out where to go from here? Which microcontroller to use, etc etc?