PC123 Newbie For Help

Hello, amazing people!
It is my first time studying pc123. Of course, I have read the spec. of pc123 at the first time. But there still stands some question which is below confusing me,
How to judge whether the optocoupler pc123 is good or bad? I found that there is the voltage on one of the 2 pins (5v or 15v) and the other 2 pins have no voltage. Is it normal?
This is the information about pc123 for reference if you think it is necessary.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @kaakwu,
so we can help you, for more information.
How is this PC123 connected?
Post a schematic (can be done freehand) showing
how pc123 is powered on and how you are measuring these voltage values.
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Thank u for ur quick reply. But I have solved this problem recently with my partner.
Or can u help with another question?
How to simulate a circuit with temperature sensor AD590 in Proteus?
I still referred to the datasheet from this: AD590 Temperature Sensor: Datasheet, Schematic Diagram, Alternatives
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Hi @kaakwu
Sorry but I have little experience with Proteus.

RV mineirin

@ruilviana Hello!
It does not matter.
May be I need to po it on forum for help. :smiley: