PCA9685 digitalWrite / digitalRead - This is real?

Hi, all!

On my board (Arduino UNO), the free contacts have ended, and I need an extension. I plan to connect several gerkon sensors (at the output of which are HIGH-LOW), a button and an LED. The documentation states that this is a PWM controller for engines. Can it be used for my purposes? Or do I need to look for another expansion module?

Post links for each piece of hardware please...

How many HIGH-LOWs per gerkon?

As a gerkon sensors is essential a switch, and a switch is an input you need a board that gives you more inputs. That board you posted a picture of is designed to give you more PWM outputs and so is useless for what you want.

You want one of these MCP23017 - i2c 16 input/output port expander : ID 732 : $6.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits