PCA9685 issue.

hey all of you,

its the first time i'm posting here, please be gentle to answer my question i require some assistance.

Actually we're making a robotic arm, and we are using a power supply of pc. we have used 5 servo motors. now we're facing an issue that On PCA9685, every motor can get the same voltage of 5V.

And i want to provide the different voltages to each motor according to their functions. So how's it possible? can anybody give any suggestions please? I'm totally lost

Are your various servos designed to operate on different voltages?
If so, you might consider using multiple servo boards, one for each set of power supply voltages.

If they are all designed to be on the same voltage, then just plug them in and use them.

Can you post a link to your servos?

What servos are you using and what voltages do you think you need for each? And why?

It's not exactly difficult to pull the +ve pin out of a servo connector and connect it to some other power supply. Or you can connect the servos using short extension leads and cut the +ve wire so you can connect it to anything you like. They don't have to be powered from the PCA9685.


@vinceherman Thanks for the reply
i’m using 5 different motor, (1 micro, 2 MG995, and the other 2 are of 20 and 25 kg). each motor requires different voltages.

i'm using 5 motors, 4 of them need almost 6V. but one of them that is TD 8120MG, requires 7V. then what should i do to provide voltages to all of them from same PCA9685.

No. The TD8129MG is specified to work an anything from 4.8V to 7.2V. So it will run on "almost 6V". So just supply your "almost 6V" to the PCA9685 and you're there.


Thankyou so much. Does it effect the torque? if we provide low voltage.