PCA9685 powering 160 RGB leds


Newbie here, I'm using the PCA9685 and Adafruit library. Which has 16 Channel, 12bit pwm

However I am facing issue to power 160 RGB leds split into 5 groups each has 3 channel.

40 leds per channel.

one RGB led is taking 20ma

I need about 3.2A to power all of them.

My question is :- 1. Is it possible I drive all the RGB Leds with a common anode of constant power from 5A ubec then sink them with the pwm pin ?

  1. or I need to use common cathod RGB leds with one mosfet (IRLU024N) each per channel ?

Regards, Raymond

1) No

2) No


Anyone could enlight me on what is the needed component to make this work ?

Regards, Raymond

Wrong chip.

To make it work (for common anode LEDs), you need

15 logic level mosfets

160 * 3 = 480 resistors

and a 5volt 160 * 3 * 0.02A = 9.6Amp supply.

Addressable LEDs (or LED strip) would have been easier. Leo..

Really Thanks alot for your help Leo !