PCB Boardhouses - EAGLE


does anybody know any good boardhouse for PCB fabrication?

Just wondering which house makes Arduino....


GoldPhoenix are good quality/good price and you usually get them in about 8-9 days(UK).

What about MakePCB and Eurocircuits?

MakePCB seems to be very cheap but I am wondering about the quality.

Search this (or any electronics) forum and you will find considerable information on the this topic.

MakePCB are good quality and cheap, but I waited 8 weeks for my last lot of boards and they dont respond to ANY emails.

Maybe we can help you PCB price big discount??..

Base price list for 1-8 layers prototype 2layers 4layers 6layers 8layers Tolal Area of one design (c[ch13217]) 1000 CM Sq Base price (USD) 80 150 270 480 2layers (FR4 HAL )small quantities, medium quantities only 80 (USD) /[ch13217]



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