PCB Design and Enclosure design suggestion needed.


I am trying to design a PCB and simultaneosly wan tto plan CAD designs for enclosure.
I want to make the enclosure as compact as possible.

So, I am planning to fit the PCB in the enclosure using notches in the front panel of the enclosure and then snapfit the backpanel of the enclosure.

What is the ideal size of the male and female notches to fit the PCB nicely in the enclosure?
Is there any guidelines for the same? Can I use 1-2mm female notches on all 4 sides PCB and same on the enclosure and will that work?

I cannot have any notch in the center, as its not feasible.

Please suggest.

Post a drawing of what you are thinking of.

I would think the notches would depend on things like PCB thickness, where IO connectors will go, etc.

Look at some of the existing boxes for Unos and Raspberry Pis, see if that kind of soapbox design is what you had in mind, or perhaps something with mounting nubs and screw on covers like cases sold by www.polycase.com