PCB design and layout for manufacture. Slots?

Hi all,

Is there a standard method to define pcb pads with non round holes in? I want to fit a DC power connector to my pcb and it needs slotted holes.

DesignSpark doesn't do non round holes on component libraries for some reason and there appears to be some convoluted way to hack it. (Seems like a massive design flaw to me!)

Can I add a silk screen to a different layer outlining the hole?

Just tell the manufacturer what I want?

Use a better Ecad tool?

Any other options?

I am not sure you are in the correct forum, but i use Kicad and have no such issues.

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Or use Eagle ?

Do you have a part number for the DC power connector.
If it is from a major manufacturer you should be able to get its PCB CAD footprint from them or google it.

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