pcb design developer needed!

Hi guys.

Im looking for someone to help me design a complete PCB from scratch. Including the the elctrical design.

basically the PCB is multiple stand alone circuits collected on the same board. this could also be done by multiple boards, which we look very messy og lots of loose wire…

here is a quick list of functions.

The system is supplied by 230V/50Hz.

So either the PCB is supplied by external switchmode 12V DC adapter or the 12V is build into the PCB design.
(at least 5A, since the dc motor is rated to 4,5A)

The main board can eventually be divided in two boards, low and high voltage.

the board must be hooked up to an Arduino mega, not as a shield, but with one or multiple flatcables.

the board drives:

5 X SSR/MOSFET 1A for 230V/ solenoid valves. (DO)

1 X SSR/MOSFET for 230V / 1600Watt heating elements (DO)

1 X SSR/MOSFET for 230V / 600W heating elements (DO)

1 X MOSFET 12V LED driver 300ma (PWM)

1 X MOSFET DC motor driver with reverse. (no L298) (PWM + eventually 1-2 pins for reverse)

input to board:

2X 0-5V analog in for pressure transducer

1X temperature (precise measure) is think I will use an SPI MAX31865 with aPT100/1000. (so this would just incluse 90 degree angled 5 pin female header)


So guys… any help or link to someone that might could help me… this is onfor home projeect and NOT for any commersial product.


Moderator: should I move your request to gigs?

Normally people do not do complete projects for free.

Which country are you from?
(could be relevant for postal costs)

Oh sure move it, if it’s wrong placed.
Live in Denmark.
I would never ask for such help for free, I’m willing to pay, but have no references to any people doing this work, therefore this post.


Did you consider a fablab in Denmark - Hvem kan bruge et fablab?

or better - Labs | FabLabs

From your description is hard to understand what you need, you should start from -block diagram circuit.


It looks like you want just a little more functionality than is in the Controleo 3. Buy one of them and get it to do 80% of what you want. You can even buy it as a kit with either 3 or 4 SSR's included. Then modify it or ask the creator to do a special version for you.