PCB design for "breadbord to doublerow pin header" adapter

I have build up some stuff on breadboards by now, but often I have trouble with double row pin headers. So I decided to make an adapter as my first PCB design. Simple thing, a double row pin header on one side (female for direct access or male for ribbon cable), and two on the other side, far enough apart to fit across the middle gap of a common breadboard.

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As I have to solder on both sides, I need it to be plated-through, so i’ll have to have it manufactured. Seeedstudio seems to be a very cheap possibility for a small batch.
I attached my KiCAD project. As this is my first try, could anyone have a look and tell me if this will result in what I want? The 3D image from KiCAD looks right, but I can’t make out the drilling holes in the board layout, for example.

BreadboardAdapter.zip (29.8 KB)

You only have to solder on one side if you use long pin headers… Or even the stacking headers.

even if you use normal length headers you can shove the pins down even with the plastic, insert from the top solder on the bottom and have more than enough to jam in a breadboard saving double sided pcb's and waiting on a board to arrive in the mail

Why not just get some jumper wires? Instead of going to all the trouble of soldering? They do make Male to Female, Female to Female, and Male to Male headers. Anything you need to separate them off is right there for you. Would be wayyyyy cheaper and much less of a hassle to just get those

Yes, I could solder it on one side, but it wouldn't look that nice. I have jumper wires, but I would like to have it fixed on the breadboard, not lying around on a cable. As far as I understand, I would get 10 PCB for 10$ (+ shipping, making it about 10€) from Seeedstudio. So cost is not an issue, neither is a bit soldering. Apart from that, I am really interested how the order comes out. I would just appreciate if someone would confirm that my layout is technically correct, as I have no background with PCBs.

Sorry to resurrect this topic, but I was wondering if you ever got feedback, and if you ever got your boards made?

If no to both and you still want feedback, I'll be happy to give you some pointers that I thought of while looking over your design files. Otherwise I guess we should let this thread die again. ;)

Yes, I had both the adapter and another project (board for a Nexus 7 docking station using the loading pins) made at Seeedstudio. Worked very well, took around 4 weeks and the quality is fine.
I did the design in KiCAD and indeed I could use some feedback: Both my orders came without solder masks. In a Gerber viewer, the layers seem to be empty, despite the fact that I think I added them in KiCAD. So, I would appreciate if you or someone else could point me to my error.

I added both project, in case someone is interested.
Known issues of the Nexus board:

  • Components would be better placed on the other side, as they now are positioned on the side where the Nexus will dock
  • Holes for resistors etc. are only 2,54mm apart, so regular components will not fit very well. Should be replaced with SMD components or moved apart. For us, this was no problem, as we do not use the audio part and just put the circuits in for completeness
  • Board could use some holes for screws.

BreadboardAdapter.zip (90.3 KB)

Nexus7Dock.zip (50.2 KB)

In a Gerber viewer, the layers seem to be empty,

Ah. ALWAYS check your gerbers before sending off a design...

I didn't need to make a board. I just soldered dual row SMD headers to the tops of Machined Sockets. The pins are bent at 90 degrees under the black plastic holder and the nicely match up with the socket holes.


In a Gerber viewer, the layers seem to be empty,

Ah. ALWAYS check your gerbers before sending off a design...

Yeah ... :) Luckily, it was not important for either of the projects. Still, for the next one I really would like to know what I did wrong.

@pwillard That's another possibility. Looks fine. But again, it is only 10$ for 10 boards, and I do not have SMD headers at hand.