PCB fab suggestion? USA or Canada?

I have a project that I'd like PCB made. I have used Eagle and made it and it looks good.

My board is nearly 1.9" x 2.45" (almost 48mm x 62mm), 2 layers. That comes to 4.7 sq in (almost 3000 sq mm

I'd like to have 4 to start with for final testing and if needed, revision. I'd prefer USA or Canada company for shorter mail time.


OSH Park uses a US fab house. Great quality, and usually a 2 week turn-around.

Don’t need Gerbers either. Just upload your brd file.

Oshpark is great. But they deliver in multiples of (3). A 2x2.5" will be about $25.10 total for 3pcs.

If you’re willing to go overseas, places like iTeadStudio and SeeedStudio can both deliver within 2 weeks. 48mm x 62mm puts you in the range of a 50mm x 100mm board. 10 boards for $22 plus shipping. It’s that shipping that will determine how fast you receive it … faster = higher shipping cost.

I revised my board a bit, it will work with internal 8MHz clock which means fewer parts needed on board, that made my final version a bit smaller than 5x5cm. The oversea option is looking better due to much lower cost, 10 5x5 boards for $10

Now if I can figure out how to convert eagle to gerbers…

The instructions are on Itead’s site. The same page where you select your options for the board.

Found the cam files that I could download so it could create the correct gerber files for them.

US industry does not look competitive for small orders. Most charge a setup fee that makes the cost non-competitive. None (but oshpark apparently) that I have queried do the compiling of designs into a group-buy panel for small lot purchases.

I use elecrow.com services.They let you choose the color of the board with no extra cost and is more cheap than Iteadstudio IMO.I really recommend then.