PCB Fabrication Lingo Explanation Please

I got the following phrase in an email from a PCB manufacturer:

“we allow a board shape of your choice as long as it is one pass around the parameter with a .093” router bit”

I don’t exactly understand what they mean, could someone break it down to simpler terms for me?

My guess would be they are talking about fabricating the shape of the PCB. In which case the .093" router bit is want will be used to cut the board and they will cut the desired shape if it can be done with a single pass around the edge of the board. Basically the bit plunges into the board then moves around to cut out the shape, returning to the start position then getting pulled out.

Just a guess. I’d e-mail them back with your questions. Never hurts to ask.

Will do. Just in case I don’t get any more info from them, how would a .093" bit affect the design of a board? As in, does that affect some setting I have to change in eagle or was it more like an fyi kind of thing? Sorry for the questions, im running late on this project and I can’t afford a stupid mistake

how would a .093" bit affect the design of a board?

It would put a minimum size on things like notches and the radius of inside corners and such. I’m not sure that you can cut out a PCI-express card with a 0.093inch bit, for example. The “one pass” part of the rule means you can’t have any internal cutouts.

Alright, thanks for clearing that up. The design of my board isn’t complex, so the things you mentioned shouldn’t be a problem at all.