PCB fabrication sites

I wonder if anyone can offer a suggestion where I can get some non-square PCBs fabricated. I need some boards that around 100mm x 20-25mm. I've used seeedstudio for boards many times and I very much like their service but they seem to be most suited for square shaped boards. It seems wasteful to pay for 100mm x 100mm board (100x50 is strangely the same price) and then give them a board that's under a quarter the size.

I've considered panelizing but I don't have a good way to separate the boards.

Thanks for any suggestions.

batchpcb.com will do shapes ...

My last batch of boards from Itead were panelised and arrived scored so I could separate them by snapping them.

OSHpark will do shapes. You pay for the rectangle that your shape fits inside.

dannable: My last batch of boards from Itead were panelised and arrived scored so I could separate them by snapping them.

This would be perfect for me, but how did you manage to get them to do it? Their instructions show the exact same rules and and image as seeedstudio that you can only have silk screen dividing the panels. http://imall.iteadstudio.com/open-pcb/pcb-prototyping/im120418003.html

OSHpark and batchpcb are both extremely overpriced. If I just ignored the issue I posted about and wasted 75% of the board area on seeedstudio/itead, I'd still get 10 boards from them for less than 3 boards from OSH or batch.

That's just how they arrived, no special request. I was expecting to have to cut them myself.

I've just placed my first order with Elecrow, it will be interesting to see if they do the same.

stay away from iTeadStudios... (at least for now)

several have reported problems lately (myself being one)

I still havent got my last order

over the last week(s) I have randomly gotten broken emails that do NOT address my questions...

along with the random excuse (new office, no emails, PayPal broken, lost order, found order, re-doing order..etc..etc).. each email has maintained that the boards will ship out that day..

again, never got a tracking number either..

There are lots of members here that never had a problem with Itead. But, OSH Park is still the best with quality to price ratio.

yeah.. I 'used' to be one of them..

but the previous order had some minor problems..

and now my current order does... so I am posting to inform others.

OSH quality might be 'better'.. but not their pricing.. FAR from it in fact..

lets take a 1 x 2 inch board (even though itead lets you go up to 5cm x 5cm, which is roughly 2x2 inches..so they even allow bigger PCBs for less cost)

12pc x PCB, iTead = $10.00

12pc x PCB, OSH = $40.00

4 x the price.. and shipping isnt even factored in yet.

I dont find that pricing attractive/appealing at all....

I dont know what happened to them (iTead).. all previous orders outside the last two have been fine

I on the other hand have not had the same issues at all with itead. My last shipment of 50 boards arrived with nothing but automated messages, with the first received during their recent break giving the order # - then notification of factory acceptance of the files - and a third with tracking #. Itead can do custom shapes also, they made board that designed with one radius at the top, another at the bottom, notches to go around posts in two different places, and a couple of screw holes for mounting. Whole thing looked like a slice of frisbee with holes punched in it to fit inside a motor drive case.

one of the pcbs Im 'waiting on/having trouble' with a custom shaped one..

My other orders have been as you outlined..

(last one got emails..etc.. but there was shipping problem)

chalked it up to 'fluke'.. every thing else had been identical to previous orders/times..

this time though.. no order accepted email, no fab email.., no done/shipping..nothing..

however the 'staff' had verified, asked for PayPal trans..etc.... just never sent me tracking number...

I decicded to look at my order history on the site... (nothing there either)

check paypal.. money was sent/accepted... emailed some more..

then came the odd answers/excuse (lost order, was fab'd but they lost it, looking for it, moved offices, PayPal problems..etc)...then silence..lol..

I mean if it got lost.. (fine, whatever).. say that...

but each staff member had conflicting emails/answers.. all claiming it had shipped or was shipping tomorrow! hahaha..

but still no tracking number, nothing. :(

if its lost, tell me so I can order elsewhere..

Im not sure what to say at this point.

Well, yea, if you need more than 3 of a design. But most of my boards are one-off. So having 3 boards is a waste for me since I only need one.

I don't design boards to sell or distribute.

I placed a rush order with iTead on Friday, March 1st, knowing that they wouldn't actually receive it till Monday, March 4th. I e-mailed them on Friday, March 8th, to request an update. The next day, Saturday, march 9th, I received a response that said the order will get shipped "before Monday" and that I will get a tracking number then. UPS was knocking on my door ON Monday.

BatchPCB on the other hand completely dropped the ball on a rush job once. To make up, they doubled the amount of PCBs ordered ... I still have left overs.

To be fair/transparent... for iTead..

I know (finally) have my pcb's....

they still charged me for FEDEX shipping but sent it DHL.. and all the other stuff that went along with it..

but in the end the PCB's did arrive.. so it was not a total rip-off.. :) just a PITA...

It might have been Customs that held things up, which is out of itead's hands. Or maybe they just hosed this one...

according to 'them'.. they hosed it.

the point is NOT that a mistake happened (sh!t happens) :)

its the communication, and the multiple 'reasons' (everything listed above was not made up.. it was their responses)

anywho.. first time I got colored boards too...

silk screen on the white/red isnt as crisp as the black ones....

but otherwise same decent/good quality I got every time. :)


I make my own PCB. Very Easy!!!

  • I print my disign on inktjet fotopaper with a laser printer.
  • Then iron it to Epoxy PCB material.
  • Remove paper in water
  • Etch The disign

PCB ready!!!! under 1 hour, costs are minimal.

not the same…

I have done home PCB etching as well…

this does NOT replace professionally made boards (at not more cost either)…

with vias, 2 layer/double sided…etc…


Campagne: I make my own PCB. Very Easy!!! (...) PCB ready!!!! under 1 hour, costs are minimal.

Most of us, I guess, do that for simple, 1-side boards. However, when it comes to 10+ units, double-sided boards, with very thin traces and unforgiving tolerances, doing it at home isn't an option.

All of my single-side boards are etched at home.

Back on topic: I am still waiting for my order from iTeadStudio. It's been over 40 days since the order was placed and paid, and I got confirmation that it went into production (which means the Gerber files were ok, right?)

For the US$ 18 (9,90 + S&H) I paid to iTeadStudio, for the 10 green, 2-side, 5cmx5cm boards, it will be a very goodprice if I ever get them.