PCB Finish. Which to choose

Hello, I have created a PCB for a reliable product.Since the prototype already works correctly. My question is when ordering the PCB finish. I don't know much about finishing other than the basics. the point is that I have a SMT parts Specifically, a USB type C that uses pads of 13mills or 0.35 mm. The question is, will the finish affect the pads?

Yes, for fully flat, get ENIG (Gold finish), HASL finish is not flat, and MAY cause some components to not sit quite flat!

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There are a number of articles for what finishes provide what advantage. Finishes

HASL is the standard for most board houses. It is good for plated through holes and will not corrode over time.

Regarding flatness, HASL is basically solder, so once solder paste is screened onto the board and the board reflowed, the HASL simply becomes part of the solder joint.

All the high reliability Aerospace boards we made were HASL.

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