PCB for Permanent circuit to Flash ESP8266 WiFi Modules

Seems I’m always going to doing a lot of flashing and re-flashing of ESP8266 WiFi boards so instead of having the spaghetti breadboard, it would be nice to have a PCB especially for this.
Anyone know if anyone offers one that utilizes this basic schematic or will I have to make my own PCB?

Or maybe a shield that could just be popped on when needed or left on an UNO permanently for example?


esptool sends DTR signal over USB to put the board into bootloader mode. some boards have it implemented around usb chip. search "nodemcu dtr schematic"

my solution for Uno WiFi with Serial1 and EspProxy. On Uno WiFi only way to esp is thru ATmega. My EspProxy sketch detects flashing of the esp and puts the ESP into bootloader mode. After the uploading the EspProxy returns to normal mode and bridges the Serial port of esp to USB for Serial Monitor.