PCB help

I hate to post this because it is such a basic issue but for me it’s a pretty major basic issue. I would like to build a PCB it needs to connect an ardweeny to a ULN2803a transistor array, my problem is I cannot find an atmega328 anywhere for Eagle PCB and frankly I don’t have the knowledge to create one. I have searched and searched and searched, all I am able to find is the SMD version of the Atmega328. Any help would be great!

Under ATMEL, try this one
Brings up ATMEGA8, which looks like a '328.

Iget tired of that fight too.
Often I'll just take the duemilanove eagle file and strip off the parts I'm not using as a starting point, seems quicker than trying to find in eagle.

Thank you sir, I have tried taking apart the arduino eagle file but what I really need is to draw a schematic first, its kinda sad this is the biggest challenge I have faced with the whole Arduino thing (that and getting a button to change modes for me, which with my ridiculously long sketch isn't working well at all) PCB will make my life SOOOOO much easier!

Try starting with this

right-click, save target as, rename to .sch