I am an artist from india, currently on a project in Biella,Italy. I needed to print/fabricate few(5 Pieces) PCB and hence I'm looking for PCB makers/vendors. Does anybody know where I can get a PCB made anywhere in milan, Turin or Genova? It would be great if the community could help me by sharing some contact details of these vendors.

Thank you.

Hi Sunil, in Piemonte you find Millenium Dataware, They do professional PCB in short time but it's expansive

See you soon :slight_smile:

another company is http://www.pcb-proto.com/

Try iteadstudio.com
10 pieces up to 5cm x 5 cm $9.90 USD plus shipping (~$5 USD)
10 pieces up to 10cm x 10cm $24.90 USD plus shipping (~$5 USD)

they deliver worldwide

Do you need help with design/schematic capture/layout/programming?

Hi Bob. :smiley:
There're 2 little problems buying in the US from Italy: shipping times and VAT/duty taxes...
I've bought in the past some items from US (eBay, electronics from Adafruit etc..) but you have to wait 3/4 weeks before items arrive at home (with First Class Air Shipping) and you have to pay 21% of VAT and the duty taxes because you've boght outside European Community. :expressionless:
So, if Vallu can choose a local factory he can save several €uros $)

@ ratto93 and leo72: Thanks for both the links. Will try to get in touch with them.

@ CrossRoads: thanks for putting me through terryking, finally got in touch with him and he was kind enough to help me on this assignment. Well, the circuit is already designed and provided as a .brd and .sch file. so I am assuming that it is in print ready format. Here is the link for what i am planning to print.


I am not sure on how it needs to be submitted for these online dealers though. I mean a JPEG or a .brd? It would be great if you could clarify my amateur doubts :slight_smile:

@ leo72: Yes leo I agree with you that there is a lot of taxing around the purchases made outside of europe.

Does it make a difference that iteadstudio is China, not the US?

To submit the boards, you need to create Gerber files.

In Eagle, with the board open:
File:CAM Processor
then File:Open; Job: and select the .CAM file you downloaded from your board house. Then, click Process Job, and the files will be created. Zip them up & e-mail to them.

$9.90 USD for 10 boards with iteadstudio - how much is VAT tax? How's that total compare to local sources?

from china the tax problem is the same, and the delyvery day is worst.
normally i await 1,5 months from china items, and often italian post loose it.

in italy, after Berlusconi, the very big problem is the Post Office :smiley:

in italy, after Berlusconi, the very big problem is the Post Office :smiley:

And do not know which one is worse :grin:

That's a shame. IteadStudio has been good for me. 3 week delivery to Boston area.
I have seen a little over 1 week to New Zealand, and a week or less to Hong Kong.

I hope you have good luck with a local source.
Or perhaps etching your own?

Try iteadstudio.com
10 pieces up to 5cm x 5 cm $9.90 USD plus shipping (~$5 USD)

I don't know if I understood , the cost for 10 pieces is 9.90$ Or 9.90 $ each Piece??

Thank you ,


$9.90 total and you get 10 pieces. Shipping was $5 to here, so $14.90 total.

if you spend less that 25€ and they send you their pieces as "free sample" or "gift" you should not pay nothing.

if over 25€, they you pay IVA (21%), and "dazio" at 10%. total: 30% to add to what you pay.

normally packet from china arrive in italy in one week (you can follow the tracking number), then they wait 2 or 3 week at customs (la dogana), then they are ship.

Postal service never lost a packet, but maybe I'm just luck :stuck_out_tongue:

@ crossroads: I'm sorry that I am a total beginner in electronics. I tried it on eagle Version 5.11.0, but It seemed complex and too many GERBER formats. Also what I have is a .brd file. Does that make any difference? Here is what I tried.

File > OPEN .brd file
File > CAM Processor

Then here is what I see :frowning:

Also how do I know how many layers is my PCB?

Also, Im worried that I do not have more time and the shipping says only thursday. Is there anything like physical store, that I can approach to and request on an emergency basis?? Even if it is not in Piedmonte, I dont mind traveling to get it done. Also I am looking for 12 volt DC car wiper pump for this project. I had tried my best in biella, no body seems to have it :frowning: Any idea where I can get this from??


Vallu i looked the project and it do not need the pcb, is it possible make the connection directly on a multihole pcb, or directly in the air.

Why do you want pcb ?

after your first prototype, if it work, you will make the pcb in china, in this way you do not loose time.

Hi Testato, Sent you a PM.


*Piemonte :slight_smile:

I have an home-made contact printer (bromografo), it' easy to build. You can also also the method of the iron, the a solution of acid and another of strong base will make your PBC done.

The only hard thinks is to calibrate your best time, have a good resolution printer (but there are printer centre, called "stamperie") and don't use SMD chip (resistor and like are fine)

Try www.jackaltac.com or www.eurocircuits.com
Both are from EU countries.

As you can see from the link above, www.mdsrl.it is the most cheaper apart if you make pcb from China where you have to wait much more time and maybe customs clearance.