PCB manufacturers

I am just starting to get the hang of designing custom boards, and wanted to find out from u experts what are some good manufacturers which could custom produce some boards for me, cheap… ive googled and havent really come up with any at all, can anyone point me in the rt direction pls?

You might look through the Hardware → Development section of this forum. There are a couple of threads on PCBs.

In short, your options are probably PCBExpress.com, Batchpcb.com, seeedstudio.com/depot.

I know there are others, but those are from the top of my head.

i think i can introduce you one website: PCB Partner( you can search it through google as it is my first post and could not add links here.)
you can find many PCB manufacturers there but you have to upload your Gerber files to find what you want as it can search you a list of suppliers according to your requirement.
there are still other functions ,but i have not tried yet.
I am not sure whether it is useful to you.

I use PCB Express and Advanced Circuits.

To reduce costs I place multiple designs on a single panel. PCB Express is cheaper for
large panels. Advanced Circuits is cheaper for smaller panels. Both vendors have
excellent quality. PCB Express lead-times are a little shorter.

I would choose either vendor based solely on price and lead-time.

(* jcl *)