PCB Sensor Design

I was wondering if anyone would minding checking out a very small breakout board that I am trying to design for a project. It is basically a replica of the MPU-9250 breakout board that sparkfun has, but it will utilize the ICM-20601. The schematic has been built according to the I2C typical circuit layout, and we were going to utilize 10k pull up resistors for the lines.

I have attached the design folder with all of the necessary files. Everything was done in KiCad and I have never created a PCB before, so bare with me.

prelim version-20181030T002524Z-001.zip (87.7 KB)

It works a lot better if you post images of your circuit diagram and PCB layout and so.
Now you're asking people to download and open the ZIP, then look at the KiCAD files (not everyone has this installed), only to find out there are lots of symbols missing. That's as far as I was willing to go.