PCB with Atmega328TQFP or P-AU

With my product I am creating, I was searching for printed circuit boards that would fit into my design perfectly. However, I am trying to minimize as much as possible so I went into looking at ATMEGA328 TQFP or the ATMEGA328P-AU version. So I searched online for designs that had these and I couldn't find any. I am trying to get a pcb design that allows connections for 3 LEDs, a reset button, the ATMEGA328 and an H-Bridge (L293D) is what I use. I am not experienced with creating my own PCB but I may have to take that path. What would be the best option? Is there a board like this that exists, or is it even possible to create?

What PCB design software do you use? Sparkfun has all sorts of designs that are open source. They use EAGLE. Some of them use the MCU you want to use. You won't find exactly what you want online. The internet isn't that magical.

Here are some that have published design files:

Arduino Pro Mini Arduino Mini Arduino Pro Lilypad Sparkfun Redboard Arduino Nano Uno SMD (actually, I can't find that any more...) Fio Modern Devices ExtraCore MD Seeeduino Seeeduino Film