pcbuniverse ?

Has anybody used PCBUniverse (http://www.pcbuniverse.com) for circuit boards? If so, how was the experience?



Starting Unit Cost* Min. Qty. Total Lead Time
2 Layer $29 4 $116 8 Days

I think internationalcircuits.com in Natick, MA, will beat that easy.

Got a prototype special, 100 Sq inches, same lead time. Ask for Sunny, he'll typically get you as many boards as will fit in the 100in^2.
Solder mask, stenciling too.
"100 sq. inches starting at $120.00"

Thanks! I will check them out.


look at iteadstudio.com as well

CrossRoads recommended them to me as well.. and they were CHEAP!.. with good quality PCB's.. IMHO..

not sure if it fits your needs/requirements though.

Thanks. I've used them before (and will very likely use them again) but for this board I need V-scoring so I need to go with custom service.

I actually did order a batch from iteadstudio for the prototypes and tried scoring them myself with a Dremel, but each board has 14 score lines so it looks like it's going to be overall less expensive to pay more for prescored boards than doing it in-house with cheaper boards.