PCF8563 saving time

Hello, I am using the RTC PCF8563 for the first time, I don't totally understand how it works, is it able to save time and keep counting it when it's not plugged ? I hope it is because it's all I need now for this little project. sorry for my lack of knowledge.

btw I'm using waveshare PCF8563 board which contains a little battery.

Post a link to the datasheet for the device.


Is this http://www.waveshare.com/pcf8563-rtc-board.htm the module you’re using ?

Apparently it has a jumper, that you can set to VCC or BAT.

If you set it to BAT, the chip is powered by the battery and should keep track of time, even if the rest of your project gets no power.
If you set it to VCC, it’s powered by the VCC-pin, and you’ll need to power the module constantly, to keep track of time.

it is done guys thank you I used another simpler shield and it worked perfectly.