pcf8574 as a SPI (CS/SS/RST) pin - is it possible?

Can I use extra pins from pcf8574, To connect modules via SPI to NodeMCU as pins SS / CS / RST? These pins must always be individually defined, therefore, due to the small number of pins on NodeMCU I would like to use these pins (from pcf8574). Unfortunately, I can not find any information on whether this is possible.
Defining these pins occurs before the setup() function, but only in setup () I'm starting the pcf8574 initialization so something tells me it's not possible but I would like to confirm.

As I understand, you want to connect more devices to SPI. Then yes, it is possible to use the PCF8574 for, let say, more SS pins to switch between the slaves.
Block schematics of your idea would be useful to clear possible problems.

I would like to connect MFRC522 (SPI) + 2.2 "TFT LCD (SPI) + CardReader (SPI) + RTC (i2c), 4x4 keypad to NodeMCU Lolin v3.

At the moment it almost works, ie it works when i connect LCD and RFID but I dont have free pin for card reader. Card Reader works only when I remove the CS cable from the RFID and vice versa.
Unfortunately all the rest of the pins are already busy, so i thought about pcf8574, i connected it but i do not know how to define pin CS or RST as pin from pcf8574.
That's why I asked- is this possible?

Again, yes, it is possible. The PCF8574 is I2C. It is quite simple device. There exists library for this device, just google for it. Also here on the arduino.cc is something.
However, if you think you will just define the pin like some number as from core device somewhere in the library for card reader, it is not so easy. You have to call the function for write to pins on PCF8574 each time you need to change the slave.