PCF8574 without Wire library - simle question.

Hello All,

This might be a simle question but I'm having hard time trying to figure it out.. I need to read pins of PCF8574 I2C expander but witout using Wire library ( because I'm having trouble with Arduino hangs when there is I2C comunication error ) .I want to try I2C master library instead ( http://dsscircuits.com/articles/86-articles/66-arduino-i2c-master-library

But since PCF8574 has no registers to write or read from, how could I use I2c.write(address, registerAddress, data) function ? Addres is obvious, but registerAddres ? Should I add byte I would like to write to addres byte ? Could someone point me a simple solution to read this chip with this I2C library or how to midify PCF8574 library from Arduino Playground to work with I2C master library?

Thank you.