PCM1725 DAC and Arduino UNO

I wanted to try soldering a little SOIC package for the first time so I took an old BB (now TI) PCM1725 DAC and soldered it to the 14 pin adapter section of one of those generic Prototype Shields.

The datasheet for this old chip shows …
PCM1725 can accept input data in either normal (MSB-first,
right-justified) or I2S formats. When pin 13 (FORMAT) is
LOW, normal data format is selected; a HIGH on pin 13
selects I2S format.

What exactly does the data look like that would be connected to the DIN pin?
Is a plain Arduino UNO capable of making use of a chip like this?
I’m just curious and want to learn more about DACs.
Are there any good example of using PCM / I2S with Arduino I should be looking at?

Start from atmel.com , get data sheet for sam3x8e, there is a chapter SSC. Atmel’s ASF has an example how to program SSC to interface with Wolfson WM8731, have a look if you can tweak it