I purchased one of these LCDs from ebay, and I'm wondering how to interface with my arduino. Sorry about this short post, I need to get past the 1 post limit for links. :wink:

I am very much a beginner with electronics as a whole, much less the arduino, however, I'm making a go at it! :wink: I'm planning on using this LCD :


They have helpfully supplied this info :

But I'm a bit at a loss as to where to start! It looks to me to be a simple serial communication deal, but as I've never really programmed before this, so I could use some direction. I figure I need to adapt Arduino Playground - HomePage to the commands my LCD understands.

I've got my project hosted at Google, explanations under the wiki tab.


Where should I start? I'm a self taught beginner, so I'm very open to all comments, suggestions, whatever.

Another link with more info on the LCD :

Thanks for any help!!

From the info in the link in your third post, it's clear that the display has TTL level serial. This i good news, since it can be hooked directly up to Arduino's serial pins.

It looks like you should hook pin 3 on the display to Arduinos TX pin and
pin one from the display to Arduinos RX pin.

You also need to connect the "0V" pin to Arduinos ground.

pin 12 could be connected to any digital pin on rduino for the reset function.

The display looks like it needs both +5 and -9 Volt supplys, which is a bit of a mess :slight_smile:

Yeah, the 5V serial is why I picked this LCD; thought it would be simple.

I've gotten the board powered up, not sure about the -9V, as there is a voltage regulator via pin 16, I just feed it 12V. I get how to hook it up, confusing as it was for me, I got through that, at least in rough form.

My question is with the software side, I'm guessing I should write a library for communication with this board.