pd to arduino

hi there

I am trying to get video tracking info form vvvv to pd to arduino.
I want to control dc motors in an angle that is determined by the video tracking

so I managed to get the angle-info from vvvv to PD, now I want pd to transport it to my arduino but I cant get
clear how to do that. I am using the hansrudolfsteiner ( Arduino Playground - PD ) stuff but have a few questions.

--how can I read that digital pin so I can use it in my arduino program, do I really need to use the whole firmata patch? or can this be done easier? because I only need to read 1 pin... and I need my other pins for output

-- (this is more pd stuff so ill post it there, but if someone knows....) I sent the data from vvvv to pd with the netsend/receive stuff, where do i connect that to a digital pin so the changing value gets transported to my arduino mega (this is more pd stuff so ill post it there)

if somebody knows something about this, thanx in advance..