PDA's SDIO to Arduino

Hi Everyone,

i want to communicate through the SPI pins of an SD socket to a PDA running Windows CE core 5.0

i've allready found the pinning but not yet any information about the protocol. anybody experience with this?

grtz M@rtijn Vaandering

Spi is a full duplex(means that you can send and receive at the same time), serial protocol with 3 lines, of for MISO, other for MOSI and the other is clock, and as usual you need to share the grounds. You can download the atmega328p datasheet and read about spi in it, or just google spi. Beware that SD cards works with 3.3v and not 5v, putting 5v to that lines can and will fry something. What do you really want do do connecting an arduino through an sd card reader?