PDF Reader

Hello forum, I got my first arduino today so I know roughly nothing though I have programmed C++, java and dos during college.
What I want to do is simple, I want to use a potentiometer and two footswitches to control "auto-page-advance" of a PDF on my computer.
(Basically, I'm a musician and rather than endlessly clicking on a USB pedal I want the page to auto-advance and to have a way to stop/reduce the rate of auto-advancement to accommodate for tenudos, ritardandos, fermatas and unmeasured music. Rate increase would be used to to speed up the rate when encountering accelerandos, and systems with fewer measures, etc)

The conversational logic follows:

1 on-off footswitch will turn "auto-advance" on and off.

A potentiometer will be setup like a guitar's volume pedal to modulate the rate of the repetition from 0-7 keystrokes per second. The keystroke will be the down-arrow key and it will continue until the potentiometer is grounded or if the auto-advance is switched from arduino to keyboard control.

In the future I might want another switch to select between up and down strokes and another footswitch to page up/down and an LED to tell me the specific clicks per second as I adjust the potentiometer.

Would anyone be willing to type up the code for this?
Thanks in advance

Usually if you don’t want to code and create the hardware, best is to go propose this as a project in the Gigs and collaboration section of forum (possibly you will have to offer compensation)