pdsp1884 led display

well i ran into a problem
I got 6 of these displays for free
and I wanna do something with them
but I cant find a way to use it easely
I found out how to program them in a bit bang methode
but it wont help me to do fancy stuff

so who can help me to make a serial to display coverter
with the option to use the scroll and other fancy funktions

(the reward is half of my haul 3 of these displays)

i got 3 more
anybody interested in helping me?

i got 3 more
anybody interested in helping me?

I'd like to help. You will need to send me a couple of the displays to work on. PM me for address. I live in UK.

Here is the data sheet.

What do you mean when you say "serial to display converter". What "fancy functions" do you hope for? How many displays would you want to use in the same circuit?

These displays will use many Arduino pins. So I would suggest to make an SPI or I2C adaptor circuit so that only 2 or 3 Arduino pins are needed. This could be done using 74hc595 or pcf8574 chips.

by serial to display i ment with a i2c or shiftregister like you said (i like shift registers more)
also i plan on making small clocks or serial displays with it (maybe a scrolling name badge)
I will also send you a few (pm will be send)