Pduino 0.4beta2 and Firmata0.4beta3 released

Hey all,

I think I fixed all of the outstanding bugs and I added a nifty GUI reset feature to arduino-test.pd, so I am making hopefully the last beta release of Pduino 0.4beta2 and Firmata0.4beta3. It looks like Pduino is ready for primetime! Please test it and let me know if you find any problems.

http://firmata.org http://at.or.at/hans/pd/objects.html#pduino

Once Firmata 0.4 is released, it should then also be included in either Arduino 0012 or Arduino 0013. This release mostly fixes bugs in the Firmata firmwares. Therefore other host Firmata v2 implementations should "just work" with this new release (i.e. Processing, funnel, etc)