Pduino - arduino firmware + matching Pd objectHere

Here's the first test release of Pduino, the Pd firmware for Arduino and a matching Pd object, [arduino]. This allows you get data from the digital and analog inputs, and send data to the PWM and digital outputs. It also allows you to change the digital pins from input, output, or PWM. And you can choose how many analog inputs and turn on/off digital input.


Keep in mind its a test release, the only thing I am not sure about right now is digitalInput, everything else seems to work fine. In the future, I would like to add the pulseIn functionality also.

Plus, last but not least, this firmware is by no means tied to Pd. It could easily be used with Max/MSP, Processing, Java, whatever. I'd like to join other people in working on this firmware for any platform. Then the Arduino can be a plug-n-play sensor board in addition to all the rest.

Yeah ! Rock on.

This is the the perfect tool for anything using a computer. Then, we still can program specifc firmwares for when we want to do stuff that won`t use a computer.

Let`s make it better and port it to other softwares. (but PD is my favorite)



Yeah, this is really great news. I just tried it out and it worked right away.
A few bugs are popping out, though. So à propos "making it better" - where would be the place for bug reports or improvement proposals? There's currently this forum, the new mailing list, the sourceforge pd project (where the code seems to be hosted), and the pd forums and mailing lists... :-/
In any case, thanks a lot for your efforts!!

I should say there is a new version out, Pduino-0.1, which is much improved. Its in the same place:


As for making it better, I say keep this forum thread going if you have any comments. Seems like a good place for this kind of thing.

Another release: Pduino-0.2. Fixes some minor issues and some things forget to include. Same place:


FYI, these are also included in the Pd-extended test releases and nightly builds.

i still cannot control a stepper with pduino, would be nice to have some pd patch ready for basic stuff like moving or changing its speed.im not even shure if that can be done with pduino, some said version 1 did it but so far version 2 in my case, didnt work.