Peculiar issue with serial.print on ESP-01,windows 10 on USB-to-Serial connection

Hi, I'm using an ESP-01 connected to my PC through the Wemos D1 R1(used as just a usb-to-serial converter,based on esp8266)
the connections are as follows -
ESP - Wemos
VCC - 3.3V
CH_EN - 3.3V
RST - only touch it for a moment to GND while uploading just before the code is done compiling
GPIO 0 - GND(only when uploading code)

. now after the code is uploaded successfully, i remove GPIO 0 and the USB cable then re-plug the USB cable from Wemos to my PC.(also,the code works fine after being uploaded as i tested blink sketch and on the ones with wifi, i could see on my router webpage that the ESP was connected to wifi)

upon opening the serial monitor i have a VERY weird observation, there is no output at the beginning,even if i touch RST of the esp-01 to GND for a moment. another thing is that the LED_inbuilt of the ESP01 is wired to GPIO1(same as the TX pin, so whenever there is data transfer over TX the inbuilt LED turns on a bit dim so i know that data is being sent from the starting)

now to get output, i have to manually change the baud-rate to something different in the serial monitor(let's say 9600, the ESP is at 115200) and then touch the ESP's RST to GND for a moment. only then does the esp give any output on windows' serial monitor(initially garbage because i'm at a different baud-rate, but on going back to 115200 now it works perfectly fine). new if i reset the esp01 it works perfectly fine again. the problem comes back if i disconnect and reconnect the USB cable then i have to do the baud-rate change again.

CODE (very simple just to test)-

void setup() {
     while (!Serial);
void loop() {

Without understanding your exact physical setup and configuration, is it possible the initial output is a bootloader announcing its presence to the host computer?

Any baud rate setting performed by the host (the PC) is merely an instruction to the device (the Arduino) to say "I would like you to operate at this speed", not "I would like you to communicate with me at this speed".

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