Pedal positio sensor wiring

So i have managed to get my hands on a pedal position sensor ( acceleration pedal to be more precised) from a ford mondeo. I have searched for diagrams, informations, etc. and found out that the PPS bassicaly have 2 or more potentiometers that read the values and send data to the ECU for the throttle body. What i am trying to accomplish is to use the PPS with and arduino and a stepper motor. Unfortunately i can’t figure out the wiring in my PPS. I have used a multimeter and measured the rezistance between each wire. I will post a diagram bellow. Note that BrBl means the colour of the wire- brown blue/ WhBl- white blue etc. I am trying to figure out wich of the eires are the 5v, ground and analog output of the sonsors.

This is the rezistance between wire

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What do you want the pedal to do to the stepper motor, speed or position?
OPs diag;
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PS, you will need to scale the image down to under 1000 pixels width or height.

Position. What does OP means?

syka2210: Position. What does OP means?

Original Poster, in this case you. So with the pedal you want to move the stepper one direction with the depression, a let it move back to its original position when you release the pedal? Tom... :)

Yes, exactly, Tom. Unfortunately, i’m on the phone now, can’t do much on the photos

I am assuming that the sensors are pots (although the middle one does not make sense).
This is the symbol for a potentiometer (pot). It consists of a fixed resistor (1-2) with a “wiper” that slides on the fixed resistor. The resistance should be constant from 1 to 2 and between 1-3 and 2-3 should vary. Can you remeasure and label the sensor.


Yes, that was to problem i was facing, it doesn’t make sense. I measured it multiple times, those are the values i keep getting

This is the PPS

Hi, This may help describe your "Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor ".

There is fly-by-wire redundancy and safety conditions to be met, so that is why so many pots.

Are you trying to make your own fly-by-wire throttle?

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OPs unit;
image (1)888.jpg

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PS Had to scale it down to under 1000 pixels width, otherwise file too big.

Hi, Can you redo the resistance measurements so you have a set of values for pedal up and another for pedal down.

To control the stepper you may only need one of the potentiometers anyway.

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Tom thank you for the help, i will watch the video and keep you posted. Yes, i am trying to make a fly by wire throttle. I am taking all the satety meassures, the vehicle is not road compatible it will be tester only on closed circuits. I am experienced in auto domain. Also, agains, sorry for the photos, posting from my phone.

Hi, No problem, you may need a feedback pot on the throttle body so you know exactly what the throttle position is. This will make sure that if the stepper skips some steps the feedback will help to keep throttle opening in sync with the pedal position.

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It seems i can’t acces the link. Could you provide the title of the video please?

ADPTraining is the channel.

Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor is the video title.

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So i’ve meassured the PPS again, pedal down. The underlined values remain identical. Again, posting from my phone.

abc.pdf (70.7 KB)

Thinking of supplying the pottentiometer with a 5v source, and meassuring the voltage to the terminals while pressing the peddal to see the difference. What is i use a 9v source?

If you look at your diagram.

Any wire with white colour, is the pot wiper.
Any wire with Brown or Yellow is each end of the relevant pot, the bottom pot included.

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