Hi all :wink:
I'm tring to convert my pedals from Fantec Speedster 2 Playstation wheel to work with my PC.
Picked up this project, but my pedals have only 3 cables:
I have Arduino Leonardo, which doesn't have AVCC connector. Where should I put the third cable for this to work? If there's any chance to complete project without spending cash on another parts or should i abandon it?

You have to determine how the wires are connected to the potentiometers of the pedals.
That project shows a schematic, and the "gas", "brake" and "clutch" are 5k potentiometers.
Perhaps those three wires are the PS/2 connection and you have to open the pedals to find the potentiometers :confused:
The Arduino Leonardo is okay, it can read the value of potentiometers. There are libraries to read PS/2 data and I assume they also work with a Arduino Leonardo.

Yes it is PS/2! ;D Exactly!
So gas potentiometer have purple&red cables, and brake is connected via black&yellow. They are somehow merged into ps/2 connector that later goes into another one, and then I have only red, black and purple cable. See pictures to know it better.
There is still question - how can I combine it with Arduino?

Should I skip those three cables and connect it to Arduino via ps/2? I found diagram explaining this, but how to connect it firmly?

Thanks for the photos.
Can you remove the PS/2 cable and solder three wires to each potentiometer ?
Do you have a multimeter to measure the value of the potentiometers ?

The link that you gave in your first post shows how to connect the potentiometers.
One side of the potentiometer to 5V, the other side to GND, and the middle to an analog input.
You can combine the 5V and GND, so you need a cable with 4 wires and you need two analog inputs.