Pelco camera control

Hi, I would like some guidance on the way to go with a project I have been thinking about.

I would like to have a PTZ dome cam be controlled with an Arduino Nano.
The control would be pre-programmed into the Arduino which looks at certain "if" and moves the camera according to the program.

There would be no control inputs to the Arduino.

The Dome Camera uses Pelco D RS485 I have read that I would need a ttl to RS485 perhaps using a MAX45..

I may sound like I may have it sorted but I have little knowledge on comms required. The protocol required for the integration into the sketch and MAX45 connections are a big problem for me.

Could I get away with one way comms or would I need two way to check validity of the sent data. I prefer one way for ease but guidance would be much appreciated.

Any example would be great so I may learn the syntax required.

I have used a similar system with servos and a webcam, but the camera and housing is too large for it to be used for what is require and no auto focus.

Thank you in anticipation