Pelco pan tilt PT1250PP ?

Some time ago I obtained a Pelco Pan Tilt rotor PT1250PP but no means to test or control it.
At the time I first got this thing,there was a guy that was using Arduino to control it for a satellite antenna tracking system for ham radio.But not long after I found his web link,he took it down and did not reply to me about the code.
I still have this pan tilt rotor in my garage and would like to still use it for this purpose.
Does anyone have information about controlling this unit using Arduino or any other system?
Such a nice solid device,a shame to throw it away.


I’d suggest you use the forum search function in the upper right of this page and search for “pelco”. Also use google and search for “pelco command set” and similar.

Sell it on eBay, rather than throwing it away.

Found this much and will share here for someone else looking -