pellet dispenser


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I'm thinking of a project that would involve dispensing pellets (of food). The dispensing part of the project needs to fulfil the following conditions:

  • the dispenser must be fed by a hopper which contains at least 50 pellets
  • the dispenser must be able to dispense pellets of a certain size e.g. 5mm to 30mm
  • the dispenser must only dispense one pellet at a time
  • the dispenser should not need any manual adjustment for the pellet size
  • the dispenser must be controllable electronically

I have looked online to see whether any existing dispensers that meet the above conditions (or could be adapted to meet the above conditions) but I couldn't see anything. Is anyone aware of any such device?

If not, I have been thinking about designing my own. One idea which came to mind is to have a tube which has an opening with something like a metal claw (like one of those head massagers). A plunger would slowly push the pellets down the tube and force one pellet through the claw - once the claw closed (after the pellet was forced through) the plunger would be told to stop.


Very interesting.
Do you have a question or were you just sharing your thoughts?

Good luck with your project.