Perfect Arduino enclosure!

The box that this comes in makes a perfect enclosure for my Duemilanove with room above for a shield and more! Look see …

… how cool is that?! Shame HMV charged £20 for a cable but that’s another story!

£15…for a cable…!?

That’s complete BS, and one of the reasons I despise Apple.

Back on topic though, nice reuse of a case :). Looks like it was made for it!

I like OSX (lots) but am indifferent to Apple. Better than both though is … my Duemilanove in a cute box! Wahoo!

Dude, you got some Apple on your Arduino, bad form. :wink:


It fits nearly perfectly into an iPod touch case, just need to dremmel out a hole for the USB jack.

It’s big enough to hold a 4x20 LCD as well. (That’s what I had laying around)

Wish I had a dremmel, would totally make it happen.