performance measurements for WSN project

Hi all,

I have recently build a simple Wireless Sensor Network as described in "Building a wireless sensor nework" by Robert Faludi.
I was wondering if I can carry out some experiments with regard to peformance of the network e.g. RTT, Latency and Throughput. Ideally I would like collect this data when its sent from the "end nodes" to the "coordinator".

There are some experiments on other forums where they measured performance by sending data from a coordinator to the remote node, and let the remote node echo the data back. By measuring the time between sending and receiving the data back, they were able to collect some performance data. However, they did use a oscilloscope to analyze the signal. I am a school student and I don't have access to those type of equipment, is there any other way i could perform some experiments?

I would appreciate if someone could point me in the right direction! Many thanks in advance.

Instead of a scope, you could use another Arduino.

Any suggestions on how I could i do this using an Arduino?

thanks :slight_smile:

An oscilloscope is simply a device for visualising data, by sampling at regular time intervals and displaying it in an easily digested form.
Of course, a scope sampling rate can exceed an Arduino's, but you have to cut your cloth to suit your purse.