Perhaps someone can help with running 2 steppers with Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Ser

Hello nice to meet you, I'm new to the Arduino world and have been trying to learn code but I still have no idea as to what I'm doing . The motors are 57BYGH420 2.0A 1.8 deg/step .

Can someone guide me as to what I need to do to get these motors working.

Thank you :-[

I suggest this TB6600 stepper driver.

Stepper basics. Simple stepper code.

Im trying to use the M1 to M4 screws on the shield so that it has enough torque I have 9V for power and I can get one to turn but the other M1 & M2 wont budge ,but this code still has me scratching my head .

Can you post a wiring diagram? Those are series 57 motors (NEMA23 in the American market) and generally need 24V to get them moving. I've done it with 12V, but just barely. 9V won't cut it.

“The shield” ?

The shield supplies the power to the motors. It needs to be powered. I noticed in the online documentation for that motor it states 'Voltage rating: 3.6 V'. That is a typo, it should read 36V. I work with these motors on a daily basis. I have 8 if them sitting in front of me as I type this, along with a dozen different controllers. I write commercial drivers for steppers. I have some experience.

If you have this Adafruit motor shield, be aware that it is totally unsuitable for low impedance, high current motors like yours.

See reply #1 for a much better choice of motor driver. The Pololu MP6500 will also work, if you are willing to sacrifice about 25% of the maximum motor torque, and are careful to set the current limit to 1.5 A/winding.

And forget about all the advertising hype about rated current. 100% duty cycle should never exceed about 60% of the published values. The 3A peak would be about 10% and the rated value of 1.2A is typically 60%.

Thanks to everyone for the assistance , the information if remarkable . :o ,but now I have a new question , does the direction of how the motors connect to the cnc shield matter or does it have to match the A4988 driver?

Thank you.

If the two coils in each stepper are correctly wired, but turn in the wrong direction, simply reverse the connection, so that what was coil 1 is now hooked up to what coil 2 was hooked up to. It will do no harm, just turn in a different direction that expected. Check the continuity with an ohmmeter to make sure you have the connections to the correct terminals pairs on the stepper. You will only find continuity between two terminals that ought to be connected as a pair.

The cables with connectors are sometimes in an incorrect configuration for your particular stepper or driver board, and may need pins moved. I found that with some components I recently bought. What should have been connected to 1a and 1b was in fact configured so that it would connect to 1a and 2a, and thus not work.

Ok thanks North49 , I get continuity for the pair but I'm using a 6 wire stepper and though the center taps are not connected do I leave then floating and as for the wire color its Blk / Grn and Rd/Blu with wht/Yllw as center taps .Which pin on the shield do the wires go or it don't make a difference?