Periodically Collecting Data over remote wifi or a cellular network

Hello - I have only programmed Arduinos for inputs and outputs such at reading PH and Temp and deciding to dose acid in a pool. I have not collected data other than when I was trouble shooting and dumping to a PC. I now have something I would like to try for work. I would like to read the levels of tanks holding liquids that are remote in the field. With any luck this could end up being a large number. I would like to collect data only once per day. The connection of the Arduino to a network would be either a cellular network or a customers WIFI network. I would be happy to collect the data into a flat file, excel file or Access file or other options if you suggest them and it doesn't cost too much. What I can't wrap my head around is how does each Arduino access the same file and not have the possibility to have more than one unit trying to access it at a time. I would think maybe a better solution would be to have a PC or a server at work call the Arduinos? Or maybe each Arduino has its own file that is appended to a master file later?

Any thoughts would be appreciated along with any wifi and cellular hardware suggestions.


Maybe considered LoRaWAN as an option as well.

Using Wi-Fi I would post the data and sensor name to something like and then use a PC/Raspberry Pi to pull this data in and add it to a file/database.

Cellular could be either a network connection (do the same as with wifi) or a simple SMS message.
I don't use cellular but in theory you can connect a shield to an Arduino to send and receive SMS.

Thank you Riva - I started looking into this. I think I will be going the SMS route and use IFTTT to add the texts to a google sheet.