Perl Install problem

I've been trying to run some Perl scripts that are looking for I get an error saying its not in the @INC /usr/lib/perl5/5.10.
Problem is that folder isn't there at all. I did opkg install perl but i dont know if I need to do something else to get the libraries installed. I may have had this problem before but then I did a software update a few months ago and of course i lost the setup. I should have retried the script then but now its been awhile and i dont recall what I did.

opkg update 
opkg list | grep perl
opkg install perl
opkg install perlbase-base
opkg files perlbase-base
Package perlbase-base (5.10.0-7) is installed on root and has the following files:

+1 @sonnyyu

For additional info about how to install additional software on the yun, see

Thank you guys! I needed a few more packages then perlbase-base but with a lot of trial and error I got it.
I assume the site probably has information about what files are in which packages but the site was down.