Permanent / prototype options for small micro controllers

I’ve got a bunch of small WiFi micro controllers (nodemcu etc) lying around and I’d like to make a project semi permanent. I’d like to be use some type of solderable breadboard, or the kind where you scratch away the traces. I’d also like to be able to “stack” the micro controller and the breadboard so I don’t have to solder the pins to the micro controller.

I’m thinking of something like this:

Where the bottom board would hold the controller, and the top board would be my breadboard which would hold my components.

Any suggestions or alternatives would be appreciated. FWIW I’m not using that many components on my breadboard. But my goal is to make putting this all together easier and small as possible. Is prefer it to be tall and narrow vs short and long (and go in a case)

Like most people I started by using breadboards, but they are indeed not fit for anything permanent. I like using small microcontrollers like nano and nodemcu. What I now do most of the time is solder pin headers on protoboard. They allow me to quickly attach or detach my microcontroller, stepper driver or bluetooth module.

As for actual permanent stuff, I have once designed a PCB in eagle and had it etched in China. Did not cost much but took a while. In my case it was for a handheld esk8 remote, and I was able to have them cut the pcb in the shape of the remote which produced a real clean prototype.

Is prefer it to be tall and narrow vs short and long (and go in a case)

Tall and narrow, ok.
Short and long? Is that like jumbo shrimp?

Your idea is fine but the particular board you show is a poor choice, there is very little useable space due to those center traces. The full blank boards would be a better choice for what you describe.

ebay Uno prototype board

Dr Azzy (a regular contributor here) has some high quality boards on Tindie that may work as well. Be sure to click on “View all products”