Perpetual Pendulum- finished project with s/w

Just a quick note to invite you to visit...

... where I've posted details of a fun (well, to me anyway!) little Arduino project.

You'll find hardware details and a finished piece of software for a pendulum with a small magnet on its end, and an electromagnet beneath where the pendulum swings. The electromagnet is energized from time to time, "nudging" the pendulum so that it swings "forever".

Reed switches monitor the swing, and time the bursts of electromagnetism.

From the page with the Perpetual Pendulum you can access other Arduino stuff, including tutorials.

Hope you enjoy!

Looks like a really solid project.


Your writeup is anyways.

Your tutorials also have some stuff that others don't, so thanks for that.

Just one question, the reed's seem a little close, does the magnet trigger em both at once, or do they manage to alternate?