Persistence of vision display - Project guidance required :)

Hi, I'am taking part in a Science-engineering competition, and I have choosen to build a POV display with a framework good enough to use for displaying games on.
I'am experienced with programming in various languages and some experience with engineering and studying physics + did some projects on Arduino. I generally know what I'll need but could someone point me to what parts shall I use, and how would I go about creating a framework that would allow me to display at coordinates on the device (or at least something similar)?
this is what I'am aiming for : POV Display + Game - YouTube

if someone could tell me the exact parts needed for the project from link above that would be more than enough for this stage :slight_smile: thank you

Seems Google has lots of info for POV displays. With your list of "experience" and you asking such a question, it's hard to believe that list.

okay let me specify, I have looked at all what goggle has to offer, but there are no specific articles on what I need, it's just the parts that I am confused about (what voltage, motor, any specific LED's etc...) as I am only a beginner in electronics, the tutorials that are available online are not very helpful - get that assemble here's the code - I just need someone to point me in the right direction as in generally what parts will I need what problems will I face etc.. in terms of programming I will have no problems with that :slight_smile:

I just need someone to point me in the right direction as in generally what parts will I need

Your project description is too vague to provide much information.

The video clearly shows some kind of motor swinging something holding a collection of LEDs.

How many LEDs your device will need, how far apart they will be, how they are to be powered, etc. are not defined. Until you know how much the LED carrier will weigh, you can't pick a motor to spin it. Until you have a motor picked, you can't spec the power supply for the motor.

The "framework that would allow me to display at coordinates" will involve knowing what distance from the centerline and what angle to light up an LED, and possibly for how long. The distance from the centerline will match only one LED. The angle that the centerline forms with respect to some coordinate system will require that you have some feedback mechanism, so you know the angle at any point in time.

What mechanism are you using for that?