Personal Introduction

Hi guys, I'm a 63 year old male in the U.S.
My kids have told me, I'm an analog man in a digital world.
Yes, I still have records and a record player, or turntable, as we called them "back in the day".
Anyway, what possessed me to join this forum you may wonder, well,,,
I've got a project and I need help.
I'm a total novice at this Arduino thing.
I've watched some youtube videos on it and "think" it can do what I need done,
but have no idea which Arduino to buy or how to program it once I have it.
Hence the problem and needing help.
I need someone who can change a 110 V modified sine wave into a pure sine wave @ 60 Hz.
I need to know what "pins" go where, both the input and output.
If I could get the program on an external thumb drive to be used multiple times,
that would be perfect, and I'm willing to pay for this service.
My name is skip, my email is
I'll check back tomorrow after work to see if anyone is willing to take this on,
or maybe has any questions I can answer.
Thank you for reading this far, and hopefully I can get the help I need for my project.

What output voltage? what output current? how much distortion is allowable? (hint: "pure" is not a specification).

If you're inputting a 110V A/C voltage, you'll need more than a program on a flash drive and which pin is connected where to get this running.

What should this do that a cheap VFD won't?

Can you be more clear about the purpose of this development? Are you, for example, attempting to drive a 60Hz 110 volt synchronous motor of a turntable from another power source, say a battery pack?